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O Canada! You like the Top 100 Book!


First it was our good friends at WASBE, and now our northerly neighbors ring in on Great Music for Wind Band: The Top 100 Works in Grades IV, V, VI Dr. Fraser Linklater, conductor and music educator at the University of Manitoba, gave the book a thorough review in the Canadian Winds Journal, the official publication of the Canadian Band Association:

Item Thumbnail

Dr. Linklater writes that the book “should be of great interest to directors of college and university bands, as well as strong community and exceptional high school bands.”  He also generously held my book alongside the Teaching Music series and Best Music for High School Band as must-have publications.  Interestingly, Tom Dvorak (Best Music) Ray Cramer (Teaching Music) were both extremely supportive of the Top 100 book and participated in the original research! 

Many thanks to Dr. Linklater for his efforts in the review! 

By the way, preperations are underway for Season 2 of the Wind Bands of Every Flavor podcast!!  Check back for updates–I have a new mic, which will certainly add a manly basso to my voice…if that is posible! (If not, I can add it in digitally using the same magic pioneered in the Star Wars prequel trilogy.)


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